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January 14, 2011
The issue of missing persons in Balochistan could not be solved and the families of missing persons are in dreadful situation and receiving distorted dead bodies of their loved ones while in 2010 more than 70 missing persons were killed in Balochistan and their dead bodies were sent to uninhabited places.

On January 5th 2011 two more dead bodies of Baloch students were recovered from Turbat.

BSO (Independent) observed strike and workers staged protest in different cities of the province after recovering the dead bodies of two BSO workers from Turbat.

It is pertinent to mention that dead bodies of 2 BSO (Independent) workers Qambar Chakar and Illyas Nazar were recovered from suburb of Turbat on Wednesday. Both persons were killed with firing. BSO (Independent) called the shutter down strike on Thursday.

BSO (Independent) workers staged protest in different cities including Hub, Turbat, Hoshab, Tump, Baleeda and Mund against the killing of two workers. All the industries and bazaars were closed of these cities.

Police and Levis personals were appointed in different cities to avert any untoward incidents during the strike.

Three days shutter down strike were being observed against the killing of innocent Baloch students, both of the students named Qambar Chakar and Alias Nazar were the member of Baloch students organization central committee and BSO Thal Zone respectively and also were local journalists.

According to the Chairperson of Baloch Student’s Organization (Independent) Kareema Baloch, Qamber Chakar was kidnapped on Nov 26 and Alias Nazar was kidnapped in December 2010 from Pasni area. She said, security agencies are responsible for the killing of two innocent students and she said both of the students were peacefully struggling for the rights of self-determination of Baloch Nation and their dead bodies were later sent to an isolated place, which is not an enriching sign.

She said, this is the message for Baloch nation that peaceful struggle for the rights of their self-determination would never be forgotten.

Spokesperson of Baloch Students Organization (Independent) opine that in last six months of 2010 more than 70 dead bodies have been recovered from different areas of Balochistan, she said Qambar Chakar was the student of BS economic in IT university Balochistan and Alyas Nazar was the student of MSC Computer sciences in Balochistan University while Balochistan National Front observed shutter down strike against the killing of two innocent students, while protest rallies were also held.

In the meantime Levis have recovered two dead bodies from Panjgoor, Quetta. Both people were shot dead.

As per details, on the tip of news Levis rushed at the spot and took both dead bodies, a motorcycle and bullets in custody. Levis shifted the dead bodies to nearby hospital. Both persons belonged from Quetta and identified as Taj Muhammad and Peer Jan.

Levis handed over the dead bodies to heirs after necessary investigation and registered case against unknown people.

Meanwhile Chairman Voice for Baloch Nasrullah Baloch showed concerned over the unremitting killings of missing persons during their arrest and appealed to International Organizations to raised their voice and ensure the recovery of the missing persons of Balochistan.

Showing concerned over the silence of International Human Rights Organizations over the killing of innocent people of Balochistan, he said more than 8,000 Baloch are still missing and more than 17 Baloch people were killed during their prison and their dead bodies were being thrown into un known places.

Serious political circles of Balochistan from time to time have urged the immediate need to solve issue of missing people as possible and if some concrete steps will not being taken in this regard the issue of missing people could get more complex.

They said judiciary should play its role and inform people that where the missing persons are.

They further argued that if elected political government failed to recover missing persons then it would lose the trust and support of people of Balochistan.

In short, Balochistan has become mountain of problems and people want to live freely as they are virtually fed up of language of guns and bullets hence it is a dire need that instead of usage of power, all matters must be solved in an amicable manner for the sake of strong, stable and peaceful Balochistan.

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