Energy Crisis – and just how is it mine?
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May 06, 2011
Some give years back, I could afford the ‘I am running late’ routine, but not anymore since chances are now when I am running late, the forces of nature most definitely won’t be on my side.
Running water may not be as readily available when I turn the tap; there may not be enough fuse for the microwave to help quicken breakfast. Worst, the reliable petrol station my car has always been filled at is not so reliable anymore.

While Uncle Sam goes around the world hunting for oil fields and depleting them fast, too, we are still busy playing musical chairs with power. What these leaders fail to understand is that soon there won’t be any music or chairs left for their trivial games; most definitely we would have burnt them to get our cars going just another mile.

On an average, 25 barrels of Oil is used by one US of A citizen, and 16 of these barrels are consumed on the expense of fuel availability of the rest of the world.

Uncle Sam is failing to adequately prepare for the inevitable fuel shortages because they don’t know exactly when they will begin for them.

This doesn’t mean it hasn’t begun for the rest of the world.

Rationality is virtue humanity has boosted and advertised more than it has made use of. Maybe now is the when we need to bring it in use and figure out what little I can do to make sure my reliable petrol station says reliable for as long as .. Well not as long as possible, but at least as long as I am alive.

With the resources of energy running out fast, we will be going to the dark ages even faster, not in a matter of centuries, but in a matter of decades. And trust me, a knight in the shinning armor on an even shining horse is only appealing when that shinning horse has four wheels and comfortable seating.

Thus, to ensure that and to make use of rationality, here is how we can start conservation of energy on a personal basis- even if it’s unfair, let us be the bigger man! Since once we start our descent in the dark ages, don’t worry the Uncle Sams will be right there with us.

• Foremost cut on the vampire wastage by switching off appliances/chargers/switches and not keeping them on standby. In fact, using power strips is something that helps even more.
• Replace all bulbs/tube lights with low energy bulbs!
• In the kitchen, try cutting down on cooking time by covering saucepans and also go for fine chopping/ slicing of vegetables.
• While doing laundry, dry on the clothesline preferably.
• With your refrigerators and freezers, make sure their doors are air tight and that you don’t leave them open unnecessarily.
• Turn on lights and air-conditioners in offices and venues when absolutely necessary. Turn off when unoccupied or not in use for extended periods.
• Assess your needs carefully and consciously. Lights do not have to be switched on in offices and areas with adequate natural light.
• Avoid the use of heaters (dress to suit the weather). When purchasing heaters, procure those with a one hour timing device.
• Use natural ventilation where practically possible in preference to fans and air-conditioning.
• Close all doors and windows to keep air-conditioning inside.
• Purchase machinery and equipment with energy efficiency in mind.
• Minimize the use of hot water usage.
• Report all suspected wastage to the relevant department.
• Activate sleep mode on computers where possible.
• When computer is not in use for more than one hour, turn off monitor.

The list is most definitely very long when it comes to saving energy in our everyday lives; we just need to look around. So look around! What are you waiting for?

If you have no other reason to then here is one: saving energy saves money.

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