Selfless Middle class key to Revolution
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February 18, 2011
Looking at the pages of history we see that revolutions have changed the fate of nations; they bring hope, prosperity and life in a nation and in a society. After 18 days’ hectic efforts, Egyptians made their dream come true. Their determination and the will to change the way the country was being governed, brought about a revolution.

We Pakistani are suffering from the same problems as the Egyptians were; we don’t have the basic facilities to lead our life; there is no word of law, no justice; we are just passing every day of our life with the hope that tomorrow is going to be better than today, but our today is becoming worst than yesterday. Why can’t we unite under our green flag and change the fate of our country? Do we actually want to bring about a change? Are we even willing to take the first step? Do we have the courage to think selflessly, and for once think collectively as a nation, as a country?

Probably the answer is NO, for changing the fate of a nation the basic element that is required is Unity. Are we united? Of course not! We are ethnically divided; we are not even familiar with the word unity; we may be knowing what unity is theoretically, but practically it’s an alien word for us. We have crossed all the barriers; the only motto of our life is that we should survive and gain as an individual not as a nation or as a country. We don’t seem to be a nation; we are functioning on the principles of selfishness, which is not living as one wishes to live; it is asking others to live as one wishes to live. Selfishness is our greatest obstacle in development.

This is not the only problem we are facing: there are many more. Lets suppose we are united then what? Do we have a leader to follow? Is there any one who can give hope to the Pakistani nation of taking them out of the turmoil? Do we even know what a good leader means; be a good leader means that one can inspire others to follow their example, willingly and cheerfully? A good leader will both inspire confidence and give a strong example of what we should aim for. A leader should know how to lead us. In order to lead, one needs to encourage others to act in a certain way. People are much more willing to follow a leader who embodies humility. Do we see that here? I don’t.

A good leader never underestimates the importance of offering gratitude to those who are trying hard to do the right thing. If people get appreciation then it will definitely encourage them to continue doing the right thing. At the same time, the appreciation should be sincere. The most important thing is that a leader should have a clear vision. Often, to lead, one will need to overcome the resistance to change. If people have been doing something for a long time, then they have an instinctive aversion to implementing new ideas. To introduce a new way of doing things, one has to have the confidence and belief in the new way. People will definitely pick up on the belief that the leader has in his vision. Along with all this, the leader has to create a positive atmosphere. If one tries to lead through creating a climate of fear, or competition, then undoubtedly problems are created. If one can lead whilst maintaining a positive attitude, it will definitely bear fruits in the long run. Alas, we lack a leader, a true leader.

But even if we have a leader, then what? Are we educated enough to follow his directions; we badly need to get educated; we do not know what’s right and what’s wrong. Education brings about a positive change in every individual’s life; it alters the thinking pattern of a person, and gives a new meaning to life. Education open new horizons for a person, and with a new vision and hope, one starts thinking for collective benefit, collective security and starts moving in the positive direction. If the youth are well educated, they can find paths to move forward in the right direction.

I always wonder who brings the revolution.

The lower class? No, as they have nothing to do with the change; they are just concerned about their survival. Change really doesn’t even come in their minds because they are more concerned about to eat, to wear to drink etc. Then, is it the upper class? But they have no worries, so why bother about something that’s not even affecting you; why take pains when life can be enjoyed by realizing all the dreams. Why bother? It’s surely the middle class, but is our middle class capable enough to bring a change, and change the fate of Pakistan? And, even if they gather under a single flag, is it going to be a peaceful protest for a change. Never, it’s not going to be in the shape of revolution; it’s going to take the shape of a war, a deadly war where no one else, but we are going to harm ourselves with our own hands. We have no tolerance for each other; we can not spare each other; we are looking for reasons to get into a fight and harm one another.

But what if we have all the qualities to bring about a change, can we like the Egyptians gather in one place and ask for our demands with consistency and determination, and hope for getting what is desired? First, we can’t, secondly our atmosphere doesn’t allow us to do so. We see bomb blasts and killing in every protest, or procession, be it religious or political.

We Pakistanis have become immune to all that is going on in our country. In order to bring about a change in our country, the basic requirement is to bring about a change in our selves. We need to leave behind the selfish approach and take steps forward for collective benefits. We need to lay emphasis on the education system, and slowly and steadily we will achieve all that we deserve: a good leader, unity, and eradication of terrorism. The first step is always difficult. We have to muster up courage, only then would we be able to come out of the whirlpool of turmoil, agony, agitation, turbulence, uproar and violence, and get harmony, peace and order.

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