US’ sleight of hand to win over Arab masses, defame Iran
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September 30, 2011
If on one hand, the United States of America or the West is considered as the champion of democracy across the world, on the other, they have also been blamed for being the authors of most of the ‘military coupes’ in Asia and Africa.

If we turn the pages of recent history of Arab world, we come to know that America had been the backstairs supporter of the military coupes there in most of the cases. Through military coupes of 1969, 1979 and 1981, the Americans put in place Maummar Qaddafi, Sadam Hussein and Hosni Mubarak into Libean, Iraqi and Egyptian thrones, respectively.

These dictators, imposed by the Americans or the westerners had been enjoying the authority for decades. Their authority had been omnipotent, for they had been controlling all the institutions of their respective states. With the support and patronage of the western powers, especially U.S, they had made all the institutions in the state, like executive, legislature and judiciary subservient to them. The law of succession in these counties had been the primogeniture; accordingly, the right of inheritance belongs exclusively to the eldest son.

The Arab world has the perception regarding U.S, that the later is a natural ally, protector and patron of their arch enemy, Israel. So by developing close relation with the patron of Israel, Arab leaders made the people in the streets further alienated from them.

During 1979 Islamic revolution in Iran, the Shah was deposed from the throne. As Shah was a close ally of US, after his government was toppled, the relation between U.S and Iran become strained.

US severed diplomatic relations with Iran after the revolutionary guards stormed US embassy in Tehran and detained the staff for months. Since then, the Iranians have been planning to attack interest of America in the region.

After this break in diplomatic relations, Iran launched a propaganda campaign against the US in the region, especially the Arab world. Iran had been successful to swing the pendulum in their favor, as the people in the streets of Arab world were already alienated by the authoritarian policies of Americans imposed dictators.

Iran successfully aroused the aspiration of the people by portraying itself as the only opponent of the powerful West, especially America, and efficiently inoculating in the minds of the Arab masses that their leaders had been subservient to the mighty America and were totally at the beck and call of the patron of Israel. In this way, Iran was successful in sticking up its fame in Arab streets. Iran has been sponsoring different rouges in the region, like Hezbollah, Syria etc., in order to develop a united front against the interests of Americans in the region.

The incident of 9/11 was a turning point in the history of the world. After the invasion of Iraq, the anger of the people in the Arab world reached its climax and the confusion compounded in the region. The United States realized that the situation was getting worse in the region and going out of control.

The US, therefore, decided to preempt the erupting volcano and use the situation of the region as an opportunity. They decided to hijack and engineer the indigenous mass movements which were in making, keeping in view the two main objectives in mind: firstly, to appease the anger of the masses against the US and keep them under control even after 9/11 incident, which changed world politics, and secondly, to defame the heroism of Iran in the streets of Arab world.

This is because in spite of Colonel Qaddafi’s complete surrender before the Americans after the invasion of Iran, the latter decided to support the rebels in Libya during the recent uprising and helped them depose Qaddafi from the power. Similarly, giving ultimatum to Hosni Mubarak, a US close ally, and by giving a green signal to Egyptian army to allow the protesters to occupy Tehrir Square was due to this new policy of US, which resulted in his resignation.

Due to US support of the masses in these countries, the West and Americans were extolled by the people of Arab world after a long period of time. The US has, therefore, been successful to achieve its first objective.

Furthermore, the recent stance of Turkey regarding Israel, especially after flotilla attack, sans hurting relations with US is really strange. Similarly, US leniency towards Turkey and former’s signing of treaty with the latter, regarding the installation of missiles on Turkish territory, in spite of its stance against Israel seems against the nature, if one keeps in mind the history of other states’ relations with US.

This leniency no doubt is due to the tactical change in US policy towards Iran and the Arab world. Due to its latest stance against Israel, Turkey has utterly eclipsed Iran as the leader of Arab Street. And similarly, after the deposition of Hosni Mubarak, Qaddafi and Saddam Hussein, Khameini remains the only major dictator in the region. Iran as a result seems to have been defamed and seems no more in the position to claim itself as the sole hero, who could speak against the policy of the West or American policies. And that is what the United States wanted.

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