So many unbelievably good things have happened since June 15 when Zarb-e-Azb was launched against terrorists’ sanctuaries in North Waziristan. The ISPR issued a statement, before the formal announcement on the floor of the National Assembly by Prime Minister, declaring the start of the operation. And then things started happening like a blinding flash of light. Everything appea
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Dr. TahirulQadri abhors the existing democratic system. Qadri earlier issued call for a revolution, but now appears vague about wh
The Pakistani military have set out with the military operation , “Zarbe Azb “ at a time which they deemed appropri
Since the day Narendra Modi has got the government in India, he seems keen to develop Indian defence industry to new heights. The
ASTANA – The leaders of Kazakhstan, Russia and Belarus met in the Kazakh capital, Astana, on May 29 to sign the treaty establishin
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There are art galleries in our country providing art and artists’ maximum exposure and opportunities to meet different artists, cr
The civil unrest and political tensions seen in a number of large emerging markets over the recent years reflects the population’s
The 12-kanal parking and the public utility area of Shalamar Bagh — or Shalimar Gardens — will soon be opened for picnickers. The Rs30 million parking-cum-public-utility areas have been designed by Chief Architect Wing of Works and Buildings Department in accordance with the standards set by Unesco for the preservation and restoration of world heritage. There will be three separate stands of mo
Every person in Karachi is aware of the criminal elements in the groups operating in the city and courts also have evidences of involvements of these groups in the play of blood and death. The political leadership of the province especially the provincial government has left the citizens and police of the city on the clemency of the criminals and terrorists and has started consolidating its politi
During the session in Balochistan Assembly, the opposition member Sardar Abdul Rehman Kethran asked that under what law Arsalan Iftikahar has been appointed on the said position. He demanded that the assembly should be told the reason a controversial figure is being rewarded. To clear these concerns the Chief Minister Balochistan admitted to Arsalan Iftikhar’s appointment was done by him and no on
Governor Khyber Pakhtunkhwa, SardarMahtab Ahmed Khan has said that practical steps should be taken for IDPs wellbeing as they were in pathetic condition and asked the officers from FATA Secretariat to personally visit the IDPs camps to know about their problems and find out their solutions. He said internally displaced people (IDPs) should not be considered as second class citizens of Pakistan as
We Pakistanis are used to seeing calamities particularly during the month of Ramzan. The earthquake of 2005, the floods of 2010 -11 all hit us during the month of Ramzan. This Ramzan God has spared us and we are free from natural calamities except that Qadri sahib wants to usher a revolution and would be working and praying all night for a revolution with the help of the Chaurdies and other sponsors. This Ramzan Qadri and his political partners would try to unleash political disaster that too only on the streets. S ...
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